Les sources de l\'histoire médiévale : la Chine des Song (1)

Hilde de Weerdt (University of Oxford) : Les Notes au fil du pinceau : le grand essor des Song. Discutant : Mathieu Arnoux (EHESS, CRH)

Biji  (written notes) is a form of writing that was characterized primarily by the way in which information was collected and recorded; their authors emphasize that notes were the cumulative result of the personal collecting, recording, and evaluating of information acquired by hearsay and/or reading. The notebook became a genre in the course of the Song Dynasty and the numbers produced in print and manuscript grew exponentially. This presentation first surveys the production of notebooks between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries, and then uses one series of notebooks, Wang Mingqing’s Huizhu lu (Waving the Duster), as a case study to show how information networks in medieval and late imperial Chinese history can be mapped on the basis of a multi-dimensional analysis of notebooks. Belonging to a genre whose very constitution is based on intertextuality and conversation, biji lend themselves particularly well to an analysis of the social and political networks through which information was exchanged and through which ties and identities were fashioned.

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