janvier, 2023

Race and Racism in Latin America and the Caribbean

A Crossview from Brazil



Race and Racism in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Crossview from Brazil discusses the racial issue in Latin America by inserting Brazil’s perspective within the regional debate, at once contrasting with more common nationally-focused perspectives and highlighting the exchange between the luso and hispano worlds.

Through this dialogical scheme, the volume aims to offer a panorama of the historical and contemporary debates on the racial issue across the region. It emphasizes, in particular, slavery’s inheritance, the persistent subordination of the black population along with its mobilization and exchanges, the centrality of the anti-racist struggle and its main actors and intellectuals, the impact of multicultural and racial equality policies, and the development of categorizations.

Race and Racism in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Crossview from Brazil brings about the need to enlarge knowledge on the black population in the region, identifying national particularities, distinct historical contexts and forms of categorization and relations with other ethnic groups, The volume also illustrates a current state of affairs, underscoring new debates and challenges which arise in a context of sanitary crisis and black genocide.

  • Offers a detailed comparative perspective; analyses current events, social movements & public policies
  • Highlights new actors in the discussion on Afro-descendants in Latin America
  • Brings an updated & broad perspective on racial relations in Brazil


(Volume 1 in the series Latin America in Perspective)