Studies in Modern Tibetan Culture
Date de parution:
novembre, 2015
Type de norme: 
Direction d'ouvrage:
Marie-Paule Hille, Bianca Horlemann et Paul K. Nietupski

Muslims in Amdo Tibetan Society

Multidisciplinary Approaches

Chang Chung-Fu, Andrew M. Fischer, Bianca Horlemann, Paul K. Nietupski, Max Oidtmann, Alexandre Papas, Ma Wei, Camille Simon, Benno R. Weiner, Yang Hongwei, Marie-Paule Hille

Muslims in Amdo Tibetan Society: Multi-Disciplinary Approaches offers nine case studies from several academic disciplines. The chapters describe the ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and religious diversity within the Muslim communities of Amdo and illustrate complex social interactions with other Amdo communities. While relations between Han Chinese and Tibetans, and between Han Chinese and Muslims in Qinghai and Gansu, have already attracted scholarly attention, this volume has a special focus on Tibetan-Muslim interactions. These are rarely discussed and if so, then mostly in the contexts of trade relations and conflicts. This volume challenges some established stereotypes of Tibetan-Muslim relations and also highlights new facets of cross-cultural contacts and religious and linguistic influences.

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Marine Bellégo
Ernesto De Martino
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