EHESS comprises 175 Professors (some of whom are employed by another research body or university), and 77 Associate Professors who are affiliated with the Research Center (the Joint Research Unit - UMR) of their choice. Through their innovative and high-quality research, their role is to coordinate a broader community of scholars, within research laboratories and scientific networks in France, in Europe and overseas.


By Field

  • History

                      - General Problems
                      - Social History and Demography
                      - History of Sciences
                      - History of Techniques
                      - History and Civilizations of Africa
                      - History and Civilizations of the Americas
                      - History and Civilizations of Asia
                      - History and Civilizations of Europe

                                     - Mediterranean World
                                     - Jewish Studies
                                     - German Studies
                                     - Iberian Studies
                                     - Muslim World
                                     - Central and Eastern Europe


By Alphabetical order