The research and teaching programs at the EHESS promote and facilitate: the sharing and dissemination of the results of world-class research; knowledge transfer; the availability and protection of knowledge; the participation of researchers in public debates that bring together experts in the field. The diversity of the EHESS's research themes, activities and the work of its faculty members position the institution as a major player and influential voice in the issues that affect contemporary societies.

The EHESS's ongoing commitment to knowledge transfer and innovation is demonstrated by the public promotion of the school's major research projects and by making all research seminars open to the general public.

We believe in forming strong links with the non-academic world. In this vein, we have taken up the opportunities provided by professional agreements for research (such as the CIFRE convention) and have participated in the creation of frameworks such as "Ouvroir de sciences sociales potentielles" (OUSCIPO) and "Institut d'études de l'Islam et des sociétés du monde musulman" (IISMM).