During the period of academic enrolment each year, candidates can download an enrolment form from the following address: https://www.ehess.fr/fr/admissions-inscriptions

The deadline for academic enrolment can vary slightly from one Master’s department to the next, so we advise you to check dates with department secretaries.


You should submit your completed forms in the first place to your prospective tutor (or supervisor at the M2 level), who may make modifications to your pro­posal wherever necessary. After your application has been accepted by a tutor, you should then submit your dossier to the relevant Mas­ter’s or doctoral department, from where it will proceed to the Service de la scolarité.

If a tutor rejects your application for whatever reason, keep in mind that you do have the option of submitting your project to another tutor.

With the notification of their acceptance, students will also receive the administrative enrolment form to complete and return.


For further information, please contact the Service de la scolarité:

54 Bd. Raspail – 75006 Paris, scolarite@ehess.fr, 01 49 54 23 21

Opening Hours: Monday: 9h-11h45 and 14h-15h45 / Tuesday: 9h-11h45 / Wednesday: 9h-11h45 and 14h-15h45 / Thursday: 9h-11h45 / Friday: 9h-11h45.