There are several doctoral schools at EHESS, working in part­nership with other establishments of higher education.



ED 286 (in partnership with the ENS – École normale supérieure de Paris)

Social Anthropology and Ethnology

Arts and Languages

Political Studies

History and Civilisations

Sciences, Techniques, Forms of Knowledge, History and Society

Music, History and Society: Michael Werner

Health, Population, and Social Policy

Sciences of Society (in partnership with the ENS-Paris)

Social Sciences Marseille


Territories, Society and Development (Territories, Spaces and Societies; Comparative Studies of Development; Institutions, Technical Systems and Territories)

Philosophy and the Social Sciences

Multidisciplinary Studies (Law, the Economics of Institutions, Mathematics and Social Sciences)


ED 465: Economics Panthéon Sorbonne (in partnership with Paris I, the ENS and the École nationale des Ponts et Chaussées)

Composed of one Doctoral Training Program

Economic Analysis and Policy


ED 468: The Brain, Cognition and Behavior (in partnership with the University of Paris VI and the ENS Paris)

Composed of one Doctoral Training Program:

Cognitive Sciences



ED 327: Time, Space, Society, Culture (in partnership with University Toulouse II)

Composed of one Doctoral Training Program:

Social and Historical Anthropology


ED 171: Midi Pyrénées Economic Sciences (in partnership with University Toulouse 1)

Composed of one Doctoral Training Program:

Mathematical Economy and Econometrics